Courtney Kissell & Jeremy Thongtavee, 4/15/2015

It was a pleasure to work with Bob Kenney on the purchase of our new home. Bob was timely and responsive and went out of his way to make sure the process was seamless.  It was nice to work with someone who was transparent, focused & caring. 

Sylvia Smith & Susan Crim, 4/8/2015

Not every house will sell in four days after it's listed. But without the right agent, even a perfect house at the perfect price will linger on the market. Bob was the right agent for us. He was candid about the to-do list to ready the house, and he gently kept us on course (and on time).  The result: We got 98.5% of our asking price and a contract within four days of listing.

Don Fields, 3/27/2015

Bob was truly excellent to work with in selling my condo.  He judged exactly the right time to list it, the right price and was very responsive to all my questions throughout the process.  Highly recommend Bob! 

John & Barbara Lane, 5/18/2014

Bob Kenney is the perfect realtor.  During Bob's introductory meeting it was abundantly evident that his main goal was to help us find our perfect dream home in Northern Virginia.  In fact, we were so impressed by Bob that we cancelled our interview with the 3rd potential realtor.  

Knowing the stress and twists and turns that come with buying a home, Bob allowed each of us to work our individual ways of processing information.  He was always there to provide an encouraging word or a word of caution, which allowed us be in control of our emotions and buying decisions. Bob's calm demeanor and light heartedness only made the journey of finding our home that much easier and enjoyable.  

As a seasoned professional and one who was born and raised in the area, his personal knowledge and recommendations of restaurants, service personnel and even an off the wall request for a estate planner allowed us to settle into our new community so much easier and more efficiently.  

Lauren & Jon, 5/3/2014

We can't say thank you enough for helping us find out first home! I know we were tough sometimes, dragging you to terrible houses and just the sheer volume, but your were always positive and gave us great advice throughout.  We appreciate your patience and professionalism and will definitely refer anyone we can convince to cross the bridge! We'll be sure to send pictures of the updates and we'll be giving you a call in 5-7 years.  :)

Ashley Glacel and Chris Bonavia, 4/16/2014

When it was time to sell our house in Arlington, there was no doubt that we would work with Bob.  He was the one who, nearly ten years earlier, had helped us find our first home.  And it had been his advice that led us to choose a home boasting all the right qualities to ensure that it would be easy to rent it out if necessary and would be easy to sell when the time came.  Bob was right on!  During our three years as landlords, we had no problem finding renters, and when we put it on the market, we got offers following the first open house. 

But that was when the hard work began.  With us in the midst of our own move across the country, not only were we not physically present but our brains were scattered.  Bob stayed on top of every little detail of the home-selling process and patiently and kindly reminded us of the boxes still left to be checked.  Not only that, but he performed manual labor on several occasions to ensure that the house was in prime condition to turn over to the buyers.  And he did it without being asked!  Incredible. 

Ultimately, his attention to detail, his decade of experience, and his willingness to go above and beyond his job description made what could have been a difficult process very easy and very smooth.  We are so grateful to him.

Debbie Volz, 8/27/2014

We truly felt supported and informed throughout the listing to closing process. Thank you for your work on our house sell.  

Jyl and Warwick, 3/19/2014

We are all moved into the house, and after catching our breath a bit wanted to write to thank you so much for all of your work and guidance getting us to this point. It was quite the learning curve but you made it easy and helped minimize the stress, which I particularly appreciate :). We are loving the home and the neighborhood!!

Liz Trotter, 4/20/2007

When I signed on to use Bob Kenney’s services I knew from his reputation that I was getting an honest, forthright realtor. As I worked with him in selling my property it became evident how efficient and professional he was. Bob worked quickly to get me all the comps necessary to make an informed decision on a sale price. He patiently showed the property and worked on interested contracts that came up. The property sold quickly and at a great price thanks to Bob’s hard work. He certainly made me feel that I got the best deal possible on the property.

I have worked with Bob on other occasions when I have been interested in property or have had real estate questions. One thing that always stands out to me is that Bob is never too busy, or too impatient with my many requests. He is one of those rare individuals with the ability to make you feel at ease and that any request you have is a priority for him. I always felt my interests came first with Bob. That makes for a great relationship when buying or selling property.

I recently purchased a property in Massachusetts. I dealt with two realtors here and saw a huge difference in their abilities versus Bob’s. They were not as knowledgeable about the market and I was left with the feeling that they were working as much for the seller as they were for me. I called on Bob several times during the transaction to seek out his advice. I realized how valuable it was to have a relationship with a realtor that you can trust.


Barbara Warner, 1/11/2006

Downsizing is an experience that is filled with lots of emotions. It was difficult for me to say good-bye to a house full of memories that had been my home for 35 years. Bob was always respectful of my feelings and involved me in every aspect of the process. To me, my house was priceless but Bob helped me to set a price. His advice at all aspects of the process were spot on.

Bob was always respectful of my time, my emotions, my inability to articulate where I wanted to purchase my new home. He traversed the minefield of pricing my priceless house, educating me on "comps" and preparing my house for sale. I was and am still impressed with his knowledge of what was coming in the months ahead for the housing market. He was absolutely correct in his predictions. Bob was skillful in his task and I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Bob met every challenge I threw at him with his wide smile and competent style. He never complained that I wanted to look at every possibility between Alexandria and Leesburg and points in-between. By the end of the process, I felt it was as important to Bob that I find the place that was right for me as it was for me. Bob also used every opportunity to educate me on neighborhood "comps" for pricing purposes, how to market my home and prepare it for sale, and finally how to settle on a price with buyers that was realistic for the current market conditions. Bob has a true gift for working with people and I felt we had a wonderful adventure together.

M. Thompson, 3/15/2005

Bob Kenney is a consummate gentleman, and his role as a realtor is a class act. Bob was the listing agent for my condominium in Falls Church. He also was the agent helping us to concurrently buy a home in Vienna. The Falls Church condo sold quickly, but the transaction was riddled with nagging requirements by the buyer. Bob, as the ever faithful agent, stood up for my rights, and ensured that I was not wronged by the buyer’s antics. Bob represented me well, and recommended conceding on some of the items, and standing firm on others.

In the end, the condominium closed, and we reaped a handsome profit that was injected into the Vienna home. Bob also put us in touch with a wonderful mortgage broker, and the Vienna home closing was flawless and stress free. Bob negotiated a lower price for the Vienna home, which in the long run, has turned into a gold mine. Bob is a faithful, caring, and concerned individual, and those qualities manifest themselves in his work as a realtor. We continue to enjoy his monthly newsletters. Bob is the only local-area realtor I would use, and recommend.

Ray Morales, 10/9/2004

I highly recommend selecting Bob whether you are selling your home, buying a new or second home, or both. I decided to sell my condo in Fairfax, VA, and use the equity from the sale towards a down payment for purchasing a new home. I began by searching for a new home in different areas in Fairfax but quickly came to realize, however, I had simply grown disenchanted with living in the suburbs.

Bob and I discussed some options for purchasing condos in Washington, D.C., but at the time the prices were unbearably high. I was becoming frustrated with my search, when, completely of his own initiative, Bob showed me some listings in Middleburg, VA. I had not previously considered Middleburg, but Bob was familiar enough with my interests and pastimes to know that I enjoyed riding horses and spent considerable time in the Middleburg area. He very creatively used that knowledge to select some choice Middleburg properties. I fell in love with one of the properties Bob selected. We placed a contract on what is now my home, and promptly listed my condo for sale.

I had lived in my condo for fourteen years, and it was highly customized to my tastes, plus it needed some freshening up to make it attractive for a quick sell. Bob directed me as to how much replacing and freshening up to do. I am certain that without Bob’s guidance I would have spent more money than necessary. Similarly, without Bob’s guidance the condo would have felt too cluttered to many potential buyers. Pricing the condo was another area where Bob’s expertise was invaluable as there was a lot of competition. Pricing the condo so that I could maximize equity, yet sell quickly, was an overwhelming challenge for me. However Bob sat me down, we reviewed the options, and set the price. A contract was placed on the condo within eight weeks, which worked out perfect with the Middleburg house.

Finally, Bob proved a rock of serenity and composure during the settlement process. Like most real estate transactions, we hit a couple of snags, but Bob negotiated those curves deftly and eased my nerves considerably.